Quality of Life

How comforting and pleasant when you have the assurance, that all is functioning efficiently at home. Whereby, giving you the liberty to go through the day, care free and allowing you to give your undivided attention to your job and interests, follow up on your hobbies and sports, meeting friends or inviting them over, or simply leaving for vacation with peace of mind. While your children are attended to, as well as your household and everything that belongs in it are looked after with much diligence; your guests are entertained and enjoying a great meal.
All this is quality of life!
Given these criteria, Bonne ménagère is aiming to meet this important demand by informing and advising employers comprehensively about the available options.

Our Service

Personnel recruitment and evaluation does not only generate advertising costs but will also require much time, patience and nerves as well as funded knowledge of the job market. The specialised team of Bonne ménagère have been operating in this market since 1997 and would be happy to take this task off your shoulders.

The search-order (see further down) will help us understand your requirements and wishes. Based on further communication (via Telephone, e-mail or in writing) we will be able to create a comprehensive profile for your open position as well as post this on our homepage which is frequently viewed by potential candidates.
Bonne ménagère has available a large data base of candidates that are seeking work and a wide spread personal network. The candidates that correspond to your profile will be contacted by us and informed about the most important details of your position. If the candidate is interested in your vacancy the file will be forwarded to you right away.
By special request, we also offer to publish an advertisement in an adequate media outlet.
All job applications that we receive will be analysed diligently. Candidates that meet our high standard of qualifications will undergo a personal interview at the agency. If we consider a candidate adequate, we will call former employers for reference checks and this will give us an overall picture. If these are positive, we put together a very detailed file, which we will be able to present to you, our clients.
On demand, Bonne ménagère will request a specialist to do a graphologic test for a candidate. We will also prepare a working contract and advise you with any insurance and work licence queries.

We consider it understood that Bonne ménagère will treat your request with absolute discretion. Names of clients are never mentioned.


Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 09:00 until 17:00 O’clock.


You now have the possibility to fill in the search-order (directly on your screen) then print it along with the general business conditions and return it to us signed, via post or fax. The more detailed your requirement profile, the more specified we can go through our available files and search for a suitable employee.


 Ordre de recherche


Acrobat Reader Download

If you are unable to open the questionnaire, please first download „Acrobat Reader“ with a mouse click on the download button. After which you should have no problem in downloading the questionnaire.

Would you like to receive a searchorder in the Post? Please inform us of your address via the "Contact" link!